A Summertime Drive


Casey and McKenzie Murphy, Summer 2009


Those Summer Days.


Approximately one year ago, I had my dirty feet in the Grand Canal in Venice. The green water poured over my toes as the sun beat down upon my golden skin. You can not tell from this picture but I am a redhead, or more appropriately, a strawberry blonde. Europe had been my playground for almost two months and I was enchanted with the history, cultural splendor, and my fellow travelers.  Now, it is one year later. I live in Chicago, a graduate of Northwestern University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. My feet are still dirty but are cleansed in a little body of water known as Lake Michigan. I am 22, jobless, single, and looking for adventures that will make me ache in pain and ecstasy, because we only have so much time to live this way before we are inclined to find a job, have a family, and move into the house with a white, picket fence.

A good friend once said, “I demand to live as completely as life will permit”, and I could not agree with him more. This blog will document my journey over the next year as I travel to South America, apply to law school, and make memories so I can say unconditionally that I lived as completely as life permitted.